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Establishing An Unconventional Lifestyle

Over the past few months, I have been realizing that life deserves more than what society says it should be. Wake up, work, go to sleep and repeat. Wake up, go to school, do homework, go to sleep and repeat. It is just a never-ending cycle of what you are supposed to do. However, when are we living?

It wasn't until about May of this year that I felt like I wanted more out of life. Not only for me but for my son. He is such an amazing kid and as I look over our 8 years together, he has changed my perspective of what life looks like. He is energetic, carefree, loving, outgoing, wants to travel and play all day! Sometimes I think he was put on this earth to make sure I live. I honestly believe all children were put here to remind us that there is more to life.

A few weeks ago, I started really writing in my planner. Those "goal" pages would normally be skipped over but I started to really ask myself what goals do I have? I realized that my goals are the steppingstone for being able to have that truly unconventional life!

Goal #1: Stay Organized, Focused and Driven

Now that may seem simple of enough but with my unconventional life, it's not! I have so many things happening in 30 minutes you can image how it gets in 6 hours. I become overwhelmed with all the things happening in my head and in my life. In my mind, I want to do everything but trying to do it all is hard! I had to truly stop and revamp and dig deep into what I want as a future. With that, I have been making sure that I plan and keep my life as organized as possible. This helps me stay focused which in return brings things that keep me driven.

Goal #2: Making Time For Vacations, Properly

Now if you follow me on social media, you may think we don't go anywhere. However, I just don't share it with the world. You see when we travel, I honestly do my best to unplug. I try to be in that moment with my son. Now, we take pictures and videos but for the most part, that phone is in my pocket! I think we get so focused on being active for social media that we forget to be active with the people sitting next to us! However, we don't travel as much as I would like. My son always calls out places he wants to visit and my heart says ok, let's go. Then reality sets in and I realize that I run a business that is service based and people expect me to be there. ANYTIME, I am closed my loyal customers start to panic. Which in returns discourages me from leaving for too long or outside of a weekend trip (when the office is closed).

However, I know I want to do more! I had to realize that I can make a sign for my door that says I AM CLOSED FOR THE WEEK! lol They will understand and be standing at the door when I return. I just have to make sure my sign is up in enough time that they can make arrangements for their prints. Then we can travel every single month just like my son wants too!

That is until we retire for a year to travel via train!

Goal #3: Fun Educational Trips / Experieneces

Now as a homeschool mom, there are so many places I want to visit. I find museums, homeschool days, parks, art shows and much more. However, running this business of mine makes it hard. However, in my goal to live more, I decided that I can structure our trips around vacation times. We can go to Home Depot's Kids Workshop on a Saturday morning and I can open up that afternoon or just take the day.

I know that one of the biggest beauties of homeschooling is that you can learn via the world! We don't have to be confined to a desk to learn about the moon and the stars, we go outside at night, set up a tent and learn hands on! That is what I want more of. I want more educational trips and experiences!

Goal #4: Healthy Living

One of my biggest goals that I started was growing my food and eating more of a vegetarian diet! Now when I started trying to grow food, I thought that I was doomed because I couldn't keep anything alive! It wasn't until I was able to keep my Hot Pepper plant alive and take a pepper off that I realized I can do this!

However, it's more than just growing the food. I want to live off what I grow. With the world just becoming expensive and learning about all the crazy things they are doing to food; I don't want it! I want to be able to know what's going in my body and I want to live a long life. For about 3 months, I have been exploring a world of non-meat eating! Now I occasionally have had my steak and potatoes and my scrambled burgers. However, I realize that I don't need meat.

I heard a girl on TikTok say meat has no taste we are just looking for that texture! What did she say that for? I cooked some ground beef and it didn't taste like anything until I added my seasonings! Ok ma'am, just put me in my "I need meat" place! lol

This weekend, I going to experiment with turning walnuts into a meat substitution! If I get my son to eat it and ask for seconds.... MEAT WHERE? lol

By staying organized, traveling more, experiencing life and eating off of what I grow, this is my journey to an unconventional lifestyle.

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