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My Newest Favorite Weekly Planner

I am someone who is always on the go with a million thoughts in my head. When I go to the grocery store, I just pick up things and I don't really have a plan for what I am picking up. Well with my newest favorite planner, my grocery shopping days have been much more organized and I am not spending as much.

About 2 weeks ago, I went to my local Dollar General! I walked in and I was hit with deals, discounts and BOGO's! Talk about excitement! Now I was only supposed to go in there for laundry detergent and toilet tissue! However, I came out with a brand new house! lol

I had been wanting some hunter green pillows and saw that their pillows were BOGO and of course they had the ones I wanted! That opened up my mind to just wanting to redo the whole house! As I looked in their home decor section, I saw this beautiful weekly planner board! My mind thought about how wonderful it would look in my kitchen with my black appliances and wooden brown cabinets! However, I didn't know what I would put on it. As I looked at other decor, I still wondered what I could do with their board and then it hit me.

It can be your weekly meal plan!

This weekly planner chalkboard has been one the best investments I have made. Why? Well, let me break down the perks of my newest favorite planner!

Grocery shopping has become very organized.

Normally when I go to the grocery store, I grab all the things that I like verses the things I need. I would have a list but I didn't have a plan for my list. However, with groceries being the price that they are, you need to know exactly what you want to cook! This is what the planner has done for me! I am able to plan out my week and know what I need down to my spices! I also haven't spent as much as I would by having a plan.

I have relieved myself of stress of not knowing what I am going to cook.

Now some of you may be saying, cooking is not stressful! However, in my entrepreneur world and homeschooling, I would get stressed out about what we would eat for the breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would write down plans and still never be able to get it right. I don't know if it's because it's on a big board or that it's only for the week, but this planner has relieved so much stress in my life.

I have one less planner to keep up with.

Let me tell you all, I have about 1000 planners. Business planners, personal planners, and food planners. I was tired of all these books and have been trying my best to come up with the perfect planner for my lifestyle! In my latest planner creation, I had a weekly meal plan but there wasn't enough space for what I needed to keep up with! Plus, I felt it just wasn't working in the planner. It needed to be for my work and personal appointments not necessarily for meal plans. However, I didn't want another planner for just food. This weekly planner chalkboard allows me to now keep up with it and keep up with it without wasting a lot of paper!

Did I also mention that it has been the perfect decor piece for my kitchen!

Those are just some of the main reasons that this planner has become my favorite planner! I am excited about this new way of planning and can't wait to see what other ways I help me to continue my unconventional lifestyle!

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